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1.graduation is not only an end to a period, also a commencement of a new period and i hope that future years will bring you continued happiness.


2.best wishes and congratulations on your graduation.


3.may you have health, happiness and outstanding success in all your ventures.


4.best wishes and sincere congratulations on your graduation.may this special day be the commencement of the continued series of upward steps to further success.


5.it is your graduation day.please accept my best wishes for your bright future.


6.permit me to congratulate you on your graduation! i hope the future will bring you further success and a whole world of happiness.


7.congratulations on your graduation from the notable university with honour.i'm hopeful and confident,too,that the graduation ceremonies will really be a commencement and that satisfying and rewarding experiences await you.


8.here's to the happy graduate for the job you have already done.and here's a happy future that is a most successful one.i pray you will as soon as possible make your name known in the world.


9.i join with all your friends in offering my sincere congratulations on your graduation.the world needs young people today with vision and courage to help build a better place for humanity.wish you well in all your undertakings and hope that you will find your career a source of great joy and happiness.


10.the possibility of enhancing one's knowledge is limitless.graduation only marks a stage of one's education.unceasing acquisition of knowledge will unceasingly escalate us to ever higher and higher attainments.精选毕业祝福英文


11.i am very delighted to hear you have successfully passed the high school certificate examination.as one of your intimate friends, i feel very proud of you and have a smack of your happiness.


12.it is such a pleasure to congratulate you on your graduation.whatever you dream for, whatever you hope to achieve may come true with your effort in the future. remember that nothing is out of your reach if only you first believe.


13.we are very happy to extend to you our utmost congratulations on your finishing your college course so successfully.may you enter a more successful life and the future years bring you continued happiness.


14.may an old friend express his pride in your accomplishment and extend to you a wish for your continued success and happiness.


15.sincere congratulations on your graduation from the graduate school of chemistry of...university.we have heard of the excellent record you made in your studies.we are very proud of you and avail ourselves of this opportunity to extend to you our best wishes for your bright future and happiness.


16.graduation is a time for rejoining and is also a time for reflection.you will be going out into the world to make a career for yourself.wish you well in all your understandings and hope that you will find your career a source of great joy and happiness.


17.congratulations upon having received your doctorate in philosophy.i know this has meant years of study and hard work on your part, and it is an achievement you can well be proud of.i am sure, from the fine record, that you will be equally successful in whatever career you pursue.精选毕业祝福英文


18.it was delightful news for me to learn that you have received a doctor’s degree from chicago university.to have reached this milestone at a young age is simple great.i really envy you the opportunities that lie ahead.hearty congratulations.


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