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i shall not see the shadows,

i shall not feel the rain,

i shall not hear the nightingale

sing on as if in pain,

and dreaming through the twilight,

that doth not rise nor set,

happy i may remember,

and haply i may forget.


  • СѧӢ˳ :
  • һһ
  • һһҸүүϴѼ档 ĶĶС衣 ְִȥ ģģҸѧ֡ 壬壬Ҹ衣 Ҫʺ

  • ͯʶ˳
  • ج¥ļһǽȴд أķǣСDzڴС һˣڴװǡ ʻͷϣҴƯ ûβͣڵ¡ ƥǽһգи׶ڵС

  • ׶Ӣ˳
  • good, better, best,never let it rest,till good is better,and better is best....

  • СѧӢ˳
  • i shall not see the shadows,i shall not feel the rain,i shall not hear the nightingalesing on as if in pain,and dreaming through the twilight,that doth not rise nor set,happy i may remember,and haply i may forget....

  • Ӣﵥ˳
  • evening red and morning gray,send the traveler on his way,evening gray and morning red, bring the rain upon his head....

  • Ӣ˳
  • what is pink? a rose is pink, by the fountains brink, what is blue? the sky is blue. where the clouds float through, what is yellow? pears are yellow,rich, ripe and mellow....

  • 򵥵Ӣ˳
  • the moon is in the sky,it is far and high,lets go to the moon,lets ride a rocket and fly....

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  • dogdogcatcatduckduck¸¸£monkeymonkeyβͳpandapandaǹrabitrabitһpigpig˯birdbirdչɣbearbear׳elephantelephantӳmousemouse͵ͳԣsquirrelsquirrel

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