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澳门景点介绍英文导游词 篇1

  welcome to here! i am your tour guide, my name is x, you can call me littlex. for a fun filled visit to in order to facilitate everyone, let me firstintroduce you.

  macau is a special administrative region of china, zhuhai, west and zhuhaiwan chai and hengqin, 60 kilometers apart, east and hong kong in pearl rivermouth apart in the middle. macau is a free port, is also one of the world's fourbig las vegas. macau was handed back to china on december 20, 1999, after therapid economic growth, compared to the past prosperity, is the successful modelof "one country, two systems". its famous for light industry, food, tourism,hotels and casinos make macau, macau to become asia's most developed, the mostaffluent areas. macau is also the world's most densely populated areas.

  macau tourist attractions have a-ma temple and the outlying islands, jockeyclub, tower, lotus flower square, aodu mansion, fisherman's wharf, grand lisboacasino, hutchison entertainment city, tam kung temple, sun yat-sen museum ofmunicipal memorial park, post office, nine bitter virgin australia seven smallhall, wangsha st. francis small hall, hope mother church, st. joseph catholicconvent and art museum, macau museum of alcohol, pu embankment garden, st oswaldhall, harmony doors, the forehead, small hall, the virgin snow house churches,bibcock ring, south bay lake, australia taipa island bridge, matsuyama, vesselst. francis small hall, st james hall, screw mountain park, stone row bay park,screw mountain park, the macau peninsula and the historic centre of macau, macaucultural centre, dove nest park, bao temple of macau, macau big fort, city hall,the macau jockey club, wynn macao venetian macao resort hotel,.

  unique macao island vigil project, further develops the nightlyentertainment space tourists. macao is the world-famous "the city that neversleeps", foam sea breeze in the hazy night, seven step light waves to watchmacau variegation rings in the bustling scene, it is the best choice fortourists to zhuhai. the symbol of harmony in the portuguese friendship gate,incense of joss, bishop of mountain with a long history, like a dream alsoreally change color floor, antique sea palaces and world famous big casinolisboa, all full of charm, at an international fireworks competition during themid-autumn festival, is transparent, air and reflect a peek, scenic wonders, tenthousand people.

  macao is part of chinese territory since ancient times. xiangshan county(now zhuhai macao original belongs to guangdong province). ming is referred toas the "city", after nickname "hao gong" and "sea" and "kiang wu", etc.

  in 1535 the portuguese obtained in the dock, the right to trade. in 1553,they excuse exposure to salvage, forced to shore accounts for rent, and in 1557officially settled in macao, the same year began to use the name. 1849 yearslater, the portuguese settlers have occupied the macao peninsula, taipa andcoloane. in december 1887, the qing government to sign with pt and good tradetreaty can be identified in the portugal long management in macau. in april1928, the chinese government told portugal end and good trade treaty. in june of1986, china and portugal macau problem in the first round of talks in beijing.in april of 1987, china and portugal the two governments signed the jointdeclaration on the question of macau, announced that the macao region, includingmacao peninsula, taipa and coloane) is one of china's territory, the people'srepublic of china on december 20, 1999 to resume the exercise of sovereigntyover macao.

澳门景点介绍英文导游词 篇2

  on march 6, the weather is good, our whole family to travel to macau. gotup very early to shekou ferry terminal by boat to zhuhai, but not how to eat inthe morning, sit to half i began to get seasick, headache belly uncomfortable,immediately landed finally unbearable to vomit, but mother help me to preparethe spare clothes. i spirit immediately got off the ship, while eating chocolatelet father to see a jackie chan (tv is on the wall of the advertising).

  inadvertently found from jiuzhou port free bus to the gongbei pass, is asurprise. in gongbei customs, oh people more super each channel long lines, dadand grandma from old people dedicated channel over before, my mother and i hadto wait. in macau, it turned out that there are many offering free bus to thelisboa hotel, we will ha ha to sit on it for you. to get near the hotel is forthe convenience of carrie egg tart, this but have decades of history of macau'smost famous tower type egg milk incense rich, sweet and crisp than kfc sellsmore delicious, everybody is the tent of meeting to line up to taste also.

  then walk to look, from time to time on the way to try specialty store nearfree almond cake, meat, egg rolls and other snacks, or try the local specialtycurry fish eggs, glue shark fin soup, pig bag, etc. rose in the church, i alsolearn to the appearance of the mother on her knees praying hands clench fistclose their eyes on the cushion, appearance is quite serious very serious.finally went to the front of the cathedral, i'm full also started to sleepy,cuddling in mum's arms a long sleep. wake up dad and grandma has visited themuseum of battery and other attractions is back. so play d went to fisherman'swharf (this d was a photograph of my favorite yao, also calculate meet anacquaintance, hehe), there is a generic tang cheng, roman city, and volcanoes,ice pavilion depth and so on, but unfortunately played under light rain, the skyis gradually later, and set foot on the return.

  back has experienced a long queue waiting, better than last time they willgo to hong kong. back to shenzhen on the boat, dad gave me the phone app tigergames to play, i will feed it to drink milk, for a moment you scratch it arch(which then emits an ouch dissatisfaction), stun can also put it in the ground,it will also talk to me, it is really fun, unconsciously give forget, feelingseasick smoothly back to shenzhen.

澳门景点介绍英文导游词 篇3

  Macao is located on the West Bank of the Pearl River Estuary in thesoutheast coast of China. It is about 60 kilometers away from Hong Kong in thenortheast. In the north, it is connected with Zhuhai City in Guangdong Provinceby a narrow strip about 200 meters wide. With a total area of 17.41 squarekilometers, it is composed of Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island and loop island. Asfor the name of Macao, it is because when you look at the Macao Peninsula fromTaipa Island, there are two mountains on the left and right, which look like twoopen "doors" from a distance. The peninsula is surrounded by sea water, so youcall this kind of terrain "Macao". Then, together, this land is called"Macao".

  Macao used to belong to Xiangshan, Guangdong Province, and was lateroccupied by Portuguese. After years of operation, it has developed into animportant international city with export processing, tourism and gambling,construction and finance as its main economic pillars. The area is narrow andthe population density is the highest in the world.

  Macao's superior geographical location, pleasant subtropical climate anddeveloped service facilities make it influential in international tourism. Thereare few natural tourism landscapes in the area, mainly human tourism resourcesformed in the past few hundred years, and a large number of historical sites arewell preserved. The most characteristic of Macao is gambling and entertainmentfacilities. Gambling content abundant and abundant, horse racing, dog racing,racing. The legalization of gambling industry in Macao has formed a traditionaltourism mode of "gambling tourism". Lisboa recreation center, grand Sanbamemorial archway and Western looking Yangshan church are local scenic spots.

  With its unique historical and geographical conditions, Macao's tourismindustry has always had a good performance. Macao is known as "Oriental MonteCarlo" because of its numerous places of interest, traditional Chinese culture,strong Portuguese flavor and prosperous gambling industry, which attracts alarge number of tourists every year. Especially after Macao InternationalAirport is put into operation, it has injected new vitality into the developmentof tourism. Macao has become a modern tourism city.

  Macao is a free port. It always pursues the policy of low tax rate. You canrelax, forget your troubles, roam freely in the streets, linger on the beach,shuttle through the row upon row of European buildings, and enjoy all kinds ofdelicious food and wine.

  Macao has experienced several centuries of changes, where Eastern andWestern cultures have been gathering and exchanging for a long time, leavingmany traces that can be recalled. At the same time, Macao is gradually movingtowards a modern international city, with advanced and complete facilities,high-rise buildings, all of which are combined into the characteristics ofMacao. You are waiting for your personal visit!

澳门景点介绍英文导游词 篇4

  macau is small, turn a body, a few steps crag, from a church came toanother temple; somewhat persistent, sailed through the streets of the old, notmany, but found that returned to the starting point. but can be more famousscenic spot, macau's most distinctive is, of course, the casino! it's a pitythat children can't go in. we live in the hotel inside the fisherman's wharf,called les hotel, rice is a graceful british hotel, quietly located in macaofisherman's wharf on the ends of the earth, sending out the faint and elegantbreath... ... les hotel, experience the charm of the victorian era!

  in the evening, we shared dinner buffet at fisherman's wharf africanvillage, (with barbecue themed restaurant in south africa), the food isdelicious! oh, forget to introduce you to fisherman's wharf, fisherman's wharfconstruction in different countries, there are people in different countries tovisit, it is not a single places of entertainment, but also a comprehensiveliberty hall. characteristic shops standing here, more of the type of lan kwaifong, european-style restaurant bar. completion and casino, hotel, later will bedifferent elements integrated into an organic whole, like a small city. alone,one or two hours is enough. with 24 hours a day free admission all-weatheroperations, beer and skittles all ages, sexes all its will.

  the second day, we went to a new road, the road is the official name of theasian american play, lou boulevard, but macao people call it the new road, isthe main street downtown, everywhere native portuguese traces of life.

  at beginning of the new east end of the road, on both sides by a pebbleinto a pattern of pavement laid by flowers miniascape and upright, antique lampsand chose here, as a starting point, because the west of the road near thebeach, we are coming from a far country, and finally saw not far from the waveslapping and seems to be more in line with the people's psychological needs, canfeel very satisfied.

  then we went to the new yaohan, eight new yaohan layer, a second is thecosmetics, the third floor is to buy clothes, children's products for selling inthe 6th floor, we will go back home to the new yaohan.

  i am reluctant to go to the end of the short and happy journey!

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