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Respect of leadership:

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my letter of recommendation below I to a simple self-introduction.

I am chongqing three gorges pharmaceutical college school student#39;s department of 20xx Olympic nursing. Ordinary me optimistic positive and uplifting have a strong sense of responsibility and mission.

While at university I always with diligence rigorous attitude to study hard system solid mastery of the theoretical knowledge and professional skill and at the same time use after school time I widely with a lot of books not only enrich themselves but also to train a wide range of skills. Two years of campus life form good learning and work habits. I deeply felt and excellent students work together make me benefit in competition To the actual difficult challenge let me grow up in defeat.

Review two years of campus life I not only learned all kinds of knowledge and learned how to become a man of value. I love own specialty see ourselves for hard and sweat for the patient#39;s health and a smile is my biggest joy. I sincerely look forward to in your under the leadership for the expensive unit business branches and in work continuously learn and progress.

I believe I can I will!

Enclosed personal resume looking forward to your interview. I wish your esteemed courtyard business is thriving!


Respect of leadership:


Thank you for reading my letter of self recommendation in your busy schedule!

My name is XXX is XX University School of nursing professional graduates in 20xx.

I am an ordinary girl but unwilling to mediocrity I am optimistic confident self-motivated hobbies can well deal with interpersonal relationships coordination and communication with the expertise and has the sense of responsibility and a strong sense of mission now I will soon graduate facing new challenges and choices I am confident.

From the start I will pay particular attention to carefully study the courses at the same time efforts to develop the quality and capacity make full use of spare time broaden the horizons of knowledge perfect knowledge structure. In an increasingly competitive today I firmly believe that only the multi-level all-round development and master of professional knowledge to meet the needs of social development and the needs of employers can remain invincible. Through the efforts of the study I won the scholarship in learning at the same time I actively participated in the activities organized by institutions and won the three prize in the "Mo negative youth" the speech contest. In the three years of the study life I determined to forge ahead helpful style and performance to win the trust and praise from the leaders teachers and students. And during the internship was highly praised by patients and their families in the Sino Japanese Friendship hospital. See the hard work and sweat pay for rehabilitation of patients with smile this is to me the best reward.

Despite the many applicants I may not be the best. But I am still very confident. "Sincere pending the main to be held by the wise ruler". I do not beg for trust prefer action to seek trust. Your hospital is willing to give me an opportunity to try to work their own potential of the space I will of due diligence as much as I can your hospital satisfaction satisfaction of patients.

Yours sincerely


Recommendation: XXX

XX years XX months


Work background

A history of a person's professional and/or non-professional employment.

Educational background

A history of a person's formal schooling and/or training.


The degree and/or depth to which a person's work and educational

background is a good fit for a particular job.


A formal document which identifies a person outlines professional goals describes work history and educational background and identifies other activities memberships in professional associations etc. which are relevant to a career. It is a tool by which you market or sell your skills and expertise to a potential employer.


At one time a Curriculum Vitae was the formal document used to describe your professional work and educational background. It has now been replaced by the resume except in certain professions in academia which include social sciences physical sciences and education.

Cover letter

An introductory letter which introduces yourself states your intent and gives you an opportunity to summarize your skills and sell what you can offer to a company. Most companies require a cover letter in addition to a resume.


A statement which expresses your professional ambitions and/or career objectives.


Tasks which you feel you excel at positive personality traits that you feel that you possess and skills that you sell to a potential employer. Strengths can include superior communication skills high analytical ability technical skills managerial prowess creativity people skills and desirable personality traits.


Areas that you perceive that you need improvement in whether it be work habits business knowledge communication etc. Any potential weakness must be spun into a positive answer which converts it into a potential strength.

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