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  1. Where there is a will, there is a way.有志者事竟成。

  2. No pains, no gains.没有付出就没有收获。

  3. Constant dripping wears away a stone.水滴石穿,绳锯木断。

  4. Care and diligence bring luck.谨慎和勤奋才能抓住机遇。

  5. Genius is nothing but labor and diligence.天才不过是勤奋而已。

  6. Great hopes make great man.伟大的抱负造就伟大的人物。

  7. Industry is the parent of success.勤奋是成功之母。

  8. No rose without a thorn.没有不带刺的玫瑰。

  9. There is no royal road to learning.书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟。

  10. No way is impossible to courage.勇者无惧。

  11. Success belongs to the persevering.坚持就是胜利。

  12. The finest diamond must be cut.玉不琢,不成器。

  13. Adversity makes a man wise, not rich.逆境出人才。

  14. Practice makes perfect.熟能生巧。

  15. It is never too old to learn.活到老,学到老。

  16. Readingis to the mind while exercise to the body.读书健脑,运动强身。

  17. A man becomes learned by asking questions.不耻下问才能有学问。

  18. Learn and live.活着,为了学习。

  19. Knowledge starts with practice.实践出真知。

  20. Books and friends should be few but good.读书如交友,应求少而精。

  21. Complacency is the enemy of study.学习的敌人是自己的满足。

  22. Knowledge makes humble; ignorance make sproud.知识使人谦虚,无知使人傲慢。

  23. Knowledge advances by steps and not by leaps.知识只能循序渐进,不能跃进。

  24. A man can do no more than he can.凡事都应量力而行。

  25. A man cannot spin and reel at the same time.一心不能二用。

  26. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.一天一苹果,不用请医生。

  27. Prevention is better than cure.预防胜于治疗。

  28. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.只工作,不玩耍,聪明小伙也变傻。

  29. Health is not valued till sickness comes.病时方知健康可贵。

  30. A close mouth catches no flies.病从口入。

  31. A good medicine tastes bitter.良药苦口。

  32. Good health is over wealth.健康是最大的财富。

  33. Happiness lies first of all in health.幸福首先在于健康。

  34. Cheerfulness is health; its opposite,melancholy, is disease.欢乐就是健康,忧郁就是病痛。

  35. He is happy that thinks himself so.自乐者常乐。

  36. Content is better than riches.知足者常乐。

  37. Honesty is the best policy.诚实不欺为上策。

  38. Respect yourself, or no one else will respect you.要人尊敬,必须自重。

  39. Patience is the best remedy.忍耐是良药。

  40. One good turn deserves another.行善积德。

  41. He knows most who speaks least.大智若愚。

  42. A still tongue makes a wise head.寡言者智。

  43. A candle lights others and consumes tself.蜡烛照亮别人,却毁灭了自己。

  44. He is not fit to command others that cannot command himself.正人须先正己。

  45. Pride goes before, and shame comesafter.骄傲使人落后。


  1、Never say never。永不说不。

  2、Live and learn。活到老,学到老。

  3、Old habits die hard。积习难改。

  4、Knowledge is power。知识就是力量。

  5、No gain without pain。不劳无获。

  6、Practice makes perfect。熟能生巧。

  7、More haste。less speed。欲速则不达。

  8、Pride will have a fall。骄兵必败。

  9、Better early than late。宁早勿迟。

  10、Love well,whip well。打是亲,骂是爱。

  11、Practice what you preach。身体力行。

  12、Never too old too learn。活到老,学到老。

  13、Swift to hear,slow to speak。多听少讲。

  14、Never do things by halves。切勿半途而废。

  15、Early birds catch worms。早起的鸟儿有虫吃。

  16、cripples learns to limp。近朱者赤,近墨者黑。

  17、Strike while the iron is hot。趁热打铁。

  18、Promise little,but do much。少许愿,多做事。

  19、He than run fast gets the rin。捷足先登。

  20、Youth’s stuff will not endure。青春易逝。

  21、Make hay while the sun shines。抓紧时机。

  22、Faith will move mountains。精诚所致,金石为开。

  23、Health is better than wealth。健康胜于财富。

  24、Well begun is halfdone。好的开始就等于成功的一半。

  25、A stitch in time saves nine。小洞不补,大洞吃苦。

  26、Tomorrow never comes。切莫依赖明天。/永远不会有那一天。

  27、To be honest is the best policy。诚实为上策。

  28、Better unborn than untaught。养而不教,不如不养。

  29、The pot calls the kettle black。五十步笑百步。

  30、Thought is the seed of action。思想是行动的种子。

  31、Tomorrow is another day。明天又是新的一天。/明天还有指望。

  32、A penny saved is a penny eamed。积少成多,集腋成裘。

  33、A pet lamb makes a cross ralTl。宠坏的羊羔会变成恶羊。

  34、Spare the rod and spoil the child。孩子不打不成器。

  35、Leam wisdom by the follies of others。前车可鉴。

  36、Wisdom is only found in truth。惟有在真理中才能找到智慧。

  37、A man does not live only by bread。人不仅靠面包活着。

  38、He that will thrive must rise at five。业精于勤。

  39、Where there is a will,there is a way。有志者事竟成。

  40、Don’t bite off more than you can chew。贪多嚼不烂。

  41、Today is the scholar of yesterday。前事不忘,后世之师。

  42、A sound mind in a sound body。有健全的身体,才有健全的心智。

  43、The child is the father of/to the mall。三岁看老。

  44、Father is one hundred headmasters。一个父亲胜过百位教师。

  45、Procrastination is the thief of time。拖延就是偷走时间

  46、Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom。失败是成功之母。

  47、Time past cannot be called back again。光阴一去不复返。

  48、Labor is often the father of pleasure。勤奋是快乐之父。

  49、A single slip may cause lasting sorrow。一失足成千古恨。

  50、The morning hour has gold in its mouth。一天之计在于晨。

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