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  Iraq is a part of the middle east next to iran & kuwait. it is very important to the rest of the world because of its underground petroleum fields.

  It is said that oil is industrial blood and for this reason perhaps the war started.

  on september 11,20xx,the twin towers in new york as well as parts of the pentagon were destroyed by an airplane planned by terrorists, which made george bush declared to fight the country’s enemies.it was said that iraq still possessed many weapons of mass destruction and weapon inspectors were sent to the country by the un to find the clues.though no evidence was found, america still wanted to go to war with iraq and the main target is sadam hussein. the war was just like the quiet battle between france and china in 1800s.it was said that a relation of sadam betrayed him.

  I think war is not just a matter of two persons or two-family fight. it is related to so many victims’ inrerests . as a leader, one must always think for all the people, so will his country be prosperous for always.






  In the modern world, peace and development have become two major themes. But some areas in the world are still involved in wars. Take the ongoing lraqi War for example. The war is hurting people's welfare. So people all over the world pay a lot of attention to these issues.

  People usually compare wars to disasters. They are right because wars often bring about not only great harm to people but also a lot of waste of wealth. During wartime, people's lives become so miserable that they don't have enough food to eat and no shelter to live in. And in destroyed cities, the residents find themselves homeless all of a sudden, in addition, if a country wants to win a war, it has to spend a lot of money on both arms and armed forces. Then there is very little money left to develop its economy. Even if the country wins the war, it is still difficult for it to recover from the damage of the war.

  In a word, whether the world can develop steadily depends on whether the world is at peace. So peace and development are still hot topics in the world. I am sure that the majority of people who love peace will appeal for a world without war.





  Peace and development are two main themes of the world today,but we still have rigional conflicts or even local wars in the middle east or places alike.

  Comparing with prosperity and peace, war and death would be last choices for human beings,but why people choose to behave so radical and cruel, I think there are many factors acount for this:

  power politics and hegemony pactising by major countries like the U.S.

  religious and belief difference of people.

  the ever growing gap between the western countries and their counterparts.

  maintain peace of the world is by no means an easy task at all, it entails combined efforts from all walks of life,narrow the gap between developed nations and the poor ones politically and economically,bring international roles of organizations like the UN and WTO into full play thus stop war at the first sight.

  Globalization is progressing with each passing day and we have already in the bracement of the new centry, we are and we should be confident that we can stop the evil spirit of war by jointed efforts.









  Generally, war is repugnant, but peace is welcome.While peace is the ultimate goal of all of our undertaking in this world, war has been inevitable in the course of human civilization. Does man have an innate taste for war? Or is it just an acquired scheme learned from human society? We only know that there hasn't been any period in the history during which the world was really at peace. Human beings pursue peace and prosperity through the establishment of families, communities, and nations. Why should we let all these be destroyed by wars?

  To reduce the possibility of war to the lowest extent, I have two suggestions. First of all, education should be consolidated to eliminate the brutality and beastliness in human nature. Knowledge derives from education and is a surer road to wisdom.

  Wisdom enables us to distinguish right from wrong. It also teaches us restraint and tolerance, two effective means of preventing wayward killing and destruction. Another cure is religion. Most religions in the world advocate philanthropy and forgiveness, which dissolve hatred and revenge. Consequently, education and religion working side by side can transform a barbarian into a civilized person. With wisdom and love, the human race as a whole will detest war and embrace peace.




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