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  test 7

  1. this rock has to be _______ in order to build a road.

  a. blasted b.explored c.hired d.maintained

  2. he did not go to the party last night, which _______ her feelings deeply.

  a. wounded b.injured c.hurt d.injury

  3.when they returned to the river, they found that the boat had _______ away.

  a.framed b.frosted c.frowned d.floated

  4.if you need further information, please _______ our office.

  a.constant b.construct c.contact d.contain

  5.during the war, many soldiers were killed not by _______, but by disease.

  a.bulledts b.devil c.bible d.depth

  6.we watched the ship until it became only a _______ in the distance.

  a. point b.jar c.stove d.dot

  7.the english proverb ‘_______ the rod and spoil the child’ means that if you deep from punishing the child, you will spoil its character.

  a. rule b.rug c.clap d.spare

  8.the _______ was only sentenced to pay a fine of $10,000.

  a. worm b.trial c.tube d.criminal

  9.higher education in china is free but the _______ for entrance is strong.

  a. comparison b.consequence c.competition d.crawl

  10.the light is too _______ for me to read. i can not stand any more.

  a. rid b.ripe c.soup d.dim

  11.the water _______ from the tap and damaged all the books in my study.

  a. sprayed b.puzzled c.inclined d.exported

  12.in the united states, congress makes the laws and the president _______ them.

  a. orders b.conquers c.executes d.hedges

  13.she is too _______ to answer questions in the class.

  a. eagle b.cough c.eager d.couch

  14.we enjoy seeing the glorious _______ of the rising sun.

  a. beams b.beans c.beef d.beer

  15.in the _______ english reading course, the students have to read a lot.

  a. extensive b.mechanical c.mercury d.opera

  16.he gave up his study in college in _______.

  a. bundle b.butcher c.ash d.despair

  17.several people _______ the car accident.

  a. witnessed b.proved c.swallowed d.drugged

  18.they will _______ the project with the necessary funds.

  a. refer b.relate c.furnace d.furnish

  19.i took it for _______ that you wouldn’t come here again.

  a. grand b.tame c.granted d.thumb

  20.he was sent to london on a special _______.

  a. missing b.missile c.mission d.mistress

  21.this light shelf is strong enough to _______ all the books here.

  a. wipe b.wax c.survey d.sustain

  22.the _______ court is the highest court in the united states.

  a. vital b.thunder c.reverse d.supreme

  23.our university has an international student exchange _______ with the university of wyoming in the united states.

  a. procession b.provision c.profession d.program

  24.he ________ of me the best way to go.

  a. investigated b.inquired c.frightened d.resorted

  25.mr. white tried to _______ this job through the influence of his father.

  a. harness b.fetch c.curse d.obtain

  26.the police dog finally found the _______ of the prisoners of war.

  a. steep b.resolution c.porter d.trail

  27.as the only _______ in the small village, he not only fixed the furniture but also made furniture for the villagers.

  a. symbol b.source c.pan d.carpenter

  28.a big crowd gathered around the bus, almost _______ the traffic.

  a. affecting b.blocking c.creating d.mating

  29.as far as i see, this book has its own _______.

  a. merit b.signal c.visible d.swift

  30.this tree is too _______ to be planted in this area.

  a. tremendous b.vigorous c.shy d.tender

  31.this product is _______ to change without notice.

  a. despite b.evil c.subject d.crust

  32.i don’t know how he can _______ himself for such conduct.

  a. justify b.locate c.rear d.swear

  33.the stolen watch has been _______ to its owner.

  a. retired b.pitched c.restored d.cured

  34.it is _______ cold this winter in xi’an.

  a. considerably b.tight c.naval d.moreover

  35.it has been my _______ to meet with this accident.

  a. journal b.reduction c.affect d.fate

  36.her smile _______ her secret even though she didn’t admit the fact.

  a. reviewed b.reversed c.responded d.revealed

  37.he ________ that he could finish the job without any help.

  a. designed b.headed c.claimed d.preserved

  38.professor li _______ his success to his mother.

  a. owns b.ruins c.owes d.roars

  39.the election _______ for the state governor has begun this year.

  a. campaign b.bolt c.hell d.immense

  40.anyone without _______ illness can do this simple job.

  a. mild b.mind c.mental d.mend

  41.glass may _______ at high temperature.

  a. profit b.pronounce c.sting d.melt

  42.silver _______ electricity far better than other materials.

  a. equips b.strikes c.cracks d.conducts

  43.everyone is encouraged to _______ food or clothing for those who suffered a great deal in the flood.

  a. attribute b.distribute c.contribute d.drift

  44.white teeth are a sharp _______ to black skin.

  a. content b.contract c.contrast d.contain

  45.tom is _______ about photography. he spends nearly all his money on it.

  a. justice b.innocent c.fierce d.crazy

  46.we need help from the other countries. but we do not _______ on others for support.

  a. engage b.lean c.strip d.multiply

  47.we will _______ the plan because of the cost.

  a. council b.journal c.damp d.oppose

  48.our train is _______ at shanghai at seven o’clock this evening.

  a. due b.crystal c.cushion d.cooperation

  49.her voice was _______ in the noise.

  a. filled b.entertained c.enormous d.drowned

  50.he is very _______ in his family and never does anything against his wife.

  a. hence b.possess c.outer d.humble


  1.a 2.c 3.d 4.c 5.a 6.d 7.d 8.d 9.c 10.d 11.a 12.c 13.c 14.a 15.a 16.d 17.a 18.d 19.c 20.c 21.d 22.d 23.d 24.b 25.d 26.d 27.d 28.b 29.a 30.d 31.c 32.a 33.c 34.a 35.d 36.d 37.c 38.c 39.a 40.c 41.d 42.d 43.c 44.c 45.d 46.b 47.d 48.a 49.d 50.d

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