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The Computer and I-电脑与我,The Computer and I-电脑与我范文

  The Computer and I-电脑与我


  The computer is a product of advanced civilization and its invention, according to some people, signals the advent of a Second Industrial Revolution. Formerly a bulky machine that demanded much space, the computer is now becoming smaller and smaller and scientists have made it more sophisticated and accordingly more useful. As is generally known, the computer can do a wide range of work, including complex computation and analyses. People now also use it as a teaching aid in designing. An infinite variety of software can be put into the computer, which explains why it is so powerful. There is, however, one thing which we should bear in mind: that the computer cannot think but man can. So there need not be any fear that someday the computer will control us and all we should expect is try our best to bring it to perfection. A computer age is not a pipe dream and there will come a day when most of our needs can be met by this wonderful machine.


  Until now inventors have developed an impressive array of machines called computers. At first I was mystified by these machines, but now I know what they are and what they can do. As a sophisticated electronic device the computer has a wide range of functions including the storage and memorization of information, calculation, analysis and the making of right decisions. All these functions can help man in handling difficult or complicated situations. But technological advance often cuts both ways. Computerization, or for that matter automation, can lead, for example, to unemployment and unemployment in turn will create social problems. The use of computers, however, is modern trend here to stay. We cannot resist this trend and should. In anticipation of a computerized world all those interested in the computer should find time to get the hang of it.


  To some modern societies the computer is one of the necessaries of life. The miracles it can do are gimpy unbelievable. I have always cherished to crack all the hard nuts in the world. Whenever I hear that a lot of people have died of hunger in this strife-ridden world, I cannot but hope that I have this computer in hand to find the way to provide an endless supply of food. In that case we wouldn‘t worry about starvation when a war breaks out or when some disaster occurs. Personally I even wish it could help me improve my English. But the long and short of it is that ever powerful it may be, the computer, as we can safely predict, cannot cure all the ills of mankind and cannot surmount all the difficulties we constantly run into. However, we enjoy being dreamers, for in dreams we can find happiness often denied us.


  The computer is one of the most important human inventions. A highly sophisticated electronic mechanical device, it has done a lot of good to mankind. Without it many human endeavors would be more or less hampered. Today, computers are extensively used, as, for example, in many construction projects. I have a computer, but I don't often use it in solving mathematical problems. Rather than depend on a computer for a quick printout, I would have more occasions to exercise my own brain. Anyway, the value of the computer is undeniable. We should encourage its development so that it may render more service to human beings.


  Computers play an important role in the modern world. Today they are used in many areas of human activities, such as business, industry, science, and education. The development of computers has also created many attractive job opportunities. I'm a college student majoring in mathematics and as such I know quite well the powers of the computer. They have evolved as a natural consequence of man’s growing need for fast and accurate calculation. To make myself better equipped in my field of study I have learned several computer languages to communicate with the computer. My experience tells me that if we want to become competent users of the computer we must keep up with its development. Because modern industrialized society need computers to perform a wide range of tasks, I think a general knowledge of such wonderful machines is quite necessary for most of us.


  I majored in electrical engineering four years ago and have since been interested in the computer science. After college I got a job as an electronic engineer. My job has brought me into close contact with the computer and as a result my interest in it has kept growing all the time. A computer is after all a man-made machine; therefore, its effectiveness depends upon man’s ingenuity. So long as we can program it using mathematical models, it can do almost anything we want. Of course, the capabilities of a computer depend upon its size---whether it is a microcomputer, a minicomputer, or a large computer. We can’t use a microcomputer in complicated digital processing or sonar signal processing. If we do that, the time it spends in such processing would be longer than we expect. On the other hand, if we use a large computer to do only a small job ordinarily assigned to a personal computer, the cost would be very high.


  The invention of the computer has often been viewed as the prelude to a third industrial revolution. With the advances made in science and technology and the general improvement of the world economic situation, many of the business firms and even national governments in the world have spent lavishly on the development of computers. If the operation of a business establishment is well computerized, this establishment can more often than not make a profit. At first I saw the computer only as a wonderful yet mystifying machine, but now I am fully aware how useful it is and what possibilities it can open up in the future. My ever-growing interest in the computer has prompted me to buy many books on the co mute and I must say I like what I have read. So far as I see it, the computer does have the power to help with a country’s economic progress. Hence, if we want to keep up with the times, we must know something about it. Not to be outdone by others, I have made up my mind to learn more about the computer. I hope I shall be a well-known computer specialist in the future because ever since computers made their first appearance they seem to have been installed everywhere for hundreds of purposes for which no one could have imagined they would be used.

  The Computer and I-电脑与我

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