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  Will the second child policy force the career women return to family

  Good evening everyone. My name is from school of Maxism. It is my pleasure to join in this competition in this delightful evening. I appreciate the organizers for giving me this opportunity to stand here discussing the interesting topic. As you are watching “will the second child policy deprive our jobs?” is a fascinating question proposed by the feminists.

  Recently China government pronounces a new policy that endows the citizens right to have a second child. Abolishment of the single child policy also leads controversies.

  The anxiety of “women career crisis” actually comes from the nowadays career status which shows that it is more difficult for women to get a job compared with men because employers think the pregnancy will take much time. Therefore it is salient the feminist will have such worry when they will spend double time in giving birth of two kids. Besides feminists always deeply believe the second child policy is a kind of contempt on equality since the policy may treat women as “reproduction machine”.

  However the feminists’ worry enters a logic trap. They don’t treat “reproduction” as the basic human-being’s right and they actively abandon the basic right. It seems ridiculous some American feminists criticized the Chinese single child policy harshly before and nowadays they come to question the Chinese single child policy abolishment. It can be seen that there is no single word compelling women to have the second child in the policy. It only endows the people right not duty. Therefore the policy doesn’t invade the women willing so the anxiety of “career crisis” has no meaning.

  In all in my perspective there is no need to worry about whether the second child policy will deprive our job. Thank you for attending my speech.


  When we talk about those famous people, we all like to know how they succeed. Meanwhile we all admire their personal special virtues which lead them to triumph. And it is obvious that many successful people have some personality characteristics in common. As far as I concerned, I deem that persistence, prudence, confidence and courage are the most important.


  Firstly, I think persistence should come first before the other three personality characters. As we all know that a person cannot always successfully reach his aim at his first try, there are many barriers waiting for him. Therefore the person will fail many times before he gets his victory. If he doesn't persist in trying again and again and make a breakthrough, thus he will stay still, no progress. He may not move forward or even regress. A person without the personal character of persistence can’t finally succeed in getting his goal.


  Secondly, a man who wants to be successful should also own the characteristic of prudence. The inventor of the electric bulb gives a good example for explaining that. It is said that the inventor tried to use thousands kinds of metal to make electric bulb filament in order to find the most suitable metal which can let the lamp light longer and brighter. I suppose that without the very prudential work, the inventor could not triumph in the end. A self- made man should do his jobs with prudence, sometimes even should be careful doing a very trivial thing. Like when those scientists or mathematicians are dealing with a complex matter, if they make a small mistake, the efforts which they made before will be in vain. Accordingly, cautiousness is necessary.


  In addition, the self- made men all are self-confident and courageous. As the saying goes, “fortune never helps the man whose courage has failed.” Supposed that a soldier loses his confidence and gallantry to fight when he is in the field of the battle, I am sure that he does not have the fortune to survive successfully. Therefore people who want to achieve their goals in their work all should be self-confident and courageous.


  In a word, my view regarding those famous people’s success is that they persist in working hard, do their jobs with prudence, are confident in themselves and have courage to overcome any kinds of difficulties; it is the reason that they can make themselves into a celebrity and admired by others.



  Yesterday, we had an interesting English class. There were a group of American college students visiting to our school. Therefore, they acted as our English teachers yesterday, and the teacher of my class was Roan. He is twenty-two years old and he comes from Los Angeles. He has learned Chinese for more than 3 years, so sometimes we could communicate in Chinese. He simply introduced the United States to us, including geography, history and education. He shared us with his education experiences and told his stories to us, especially in the junior school. He was so active and energetic in the class and we were impressed. In the end of the class, he suggested us to be more active in the class and encouraged us to study hard. He said that he felt difficult to learn Chinese but he always tried his best.


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