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  Typhoons and Pacific Ocean storms that come to Taiwan in summertime or fall season. They are great wind storms; when they strike land they may do great damage. However, the weatherman always knows when one is on the way. He will send out warnings about.


  People can board up their windows and do many other such things to protect themselves if they know about a Typhoon in time. In my house we check our supply of candles and dry-cell batteries in case of a power failure. Also, we save some water in pails because the pump will not work without electricity. Then we like to sit by the door watching the rain and wind blow loudly.



  Yesterday my teacher told us that there was a typhoon and I was so scared of it. After dinner we prepared some candles and lighters in case there was no electricity. And then we were just sitting in the living room and watching the news about the typhoon.


  In the middle night, the wind blew harder and the rain came down harder, too. The trees outside were blown by the strong wind and bent a lot. The sounds outside was very loud and scary. Sometimes I could hear an ambulance driving by. I hope it was not someone hit by an object.


  This morning the typhoon had already left. My grandfather and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. Some trees fail down, some cars were damaged and some houses were damaged, too. But my father's car, my house and my family are fine.


  Thank god!



  At least one child was killed and millions were affected as typhoon Morakot slammed into Chinese provinces on the eastern coast on Sunday, destroying houses and inundating farmlands.


  Morakot landed in the coastal areas of Beibi Town, Xiapu County in Fujian Province, at 4:20 p.m., packing winds up to 118.8 kilometers per hour in its eye, the province's meteorological bureau said.


  The sky turned completely dark in Beibi and people caught in rainstorms staggered with flashlights on. Many trees were uprooted, with some even breaking apart in strong winds.


  Farmers were trying to recapture a sizeable quantity of fish flushed from mudflat aquafarms by uprising waves.


  In Fuzhou, capital of Fujian, 34 domestic flights were cancelled and 20 delayed because of unfavorable weather conditions. The city also suspended most passenger bus services.


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